Racefuels Info


terms & Conditions:

These terms and conditions govern the provision of fuel supply services by RaceFuels (“Supplier”) to the Registered Party (“Competitor”) for the specified event. By engaging Supplier’s services, Competitor agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions provided.


a) Competitors are required to complete the registration process with RaceFuels prior to the event in order to receive fuel supply.
b) Registration can be done either through the online registration portal at RaceFuels.info or by submitting the PDF form provided by RaceFuels through Event or Category Management to fuelorder@racefuels.com.au

c) A registration will not be accepted without valid payment details.

Account Set up

a. During the registration process, Competitors shall provide accurate and up-to-date information required for setting up their account with RaceFuels.

b) Should details change; it is the responsibility of the Registered Party to advise RaceFuels immediately.

c) RaceFuels will continue to invoice as per registered unless notified otherwise.

payment and pricing

a) Fuel pricing will be made available to Competitors and Event Management approximately 14 days prior to event commencement.

b) Credit cards lodged will be used to collect payment between 7-14 days after event completion.

c) Tax receipts will be issued via nominated ‘account email address’ provided on fuel registration after payment has been received.

fuel delivery & compound information

a) Fuel delivery schedules will be available through Event Management, or by accessing RaceFuels.info


Due to quality control, RaceFuels does not offer refunds or credits for unsealed fuel unless otherwise stated.