Racefuels Info

ELF CORE 50 is imported into Australia from France and has current FIA homologation. ELF CORE 50 is 102 RON racing fuel with 3.65% oxygen this fuel offers both power and protection to competition engines. Blended to the strict controls of the FIA regulations, Elf Core 50 is triple refined at a dedicated Motorsport refinery ensuring consistency for elite for every batch to meet the expectations of elite motorsport.

RaceFuels supplies ELF CORE 50 as the control fuel to the Bathurst 12 Hour,  GT World Challenge Australia & GT World Challenge Asia.

ELF RACE 102 is imported into Australia from France. With engine protection and price point in mind, ELF RACE 102 is a popular fuel of choice for Australian circuit racers. ELF RACE 102 has a minimum 102 RON and 3.2% oxygen to offer both power and protection while meeting the Motorsport Australia’s unleaded racing fuel regulations as well as the fifth category criteria as an AVGAS alternative fuel. This fuel has lubricity additive to protect older style engines with excellent power gains in modern engines.

RaceFuels supplies ELF RACE 102 to Porsche Carrera Cup, S5000 and Touring Car Masters.

E-85 RACE BLEND/BP E-85 RACING FUEL is blended to a strict formula: 85% ethanol plus 15% 98 RON. Batch testing is performed throughout the production process to achieve consistency expected at elite level motorsport. Every 200L drum of E-85 RACE BLEND/ BP E-85 RACING BLEND is batch labelled

RaceFuels supplied BP E-85 RACING FUEL to Supercars Championship from 2020 until 2022, and continues to supply the identical fuel to the wider motorsport community.

98 RON CONTROL is dyed red by RaceFuels and delivered directly to race circuits and team workshops. RaceFuels uses different collection and storage techniques for 98 RON CONTROL compared with pump petrol available from retail service stations. RaceFuels actively tests and checks 98RON CONTROL quality offering Australian motorsport a reliable alternative to pump petrol.

RaceFuels supplies 98 RON CONTROL as the control fuel to Porsche Michelin Challenge, Trans Am & Production Cars

100 RON E-10 is blended by RaceFuels to a strict formula: 98 RON plus 10% Ethanol. 100 RON E-10 is available at the Victorian State Race Series and has proven popular with Formula Vee. 100 RON E-10 is dyed purple for identification.

RaceFuels supplies 100 RON E-10 as a control fuel to the Porsche 944 Challenge and a popular choice to many Formula Vee Competitors.